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  Agricultural contractors need to ensure they are on top of their all employment and health and safety obligations, according to Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) 
  Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) says employing overseas workers is an important and necessary part of rural contracting.
  Wellsford-based agricultural contractor Steve Levet is the new head of the Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ).  Rural Contractors New Zealand is the only national association for rural contractors in New Zealand.  Mr Levet was elected president of the association at its annual conference, held in Cromwell in late June, taking over from John Hughes who stood down after four years in the role. Southland’s David Kean was elected vice-president.…
  Rural contractors are being urged to get themselves up-to-date with changes to transport regulations around the use of agricultural machinery.
Media Release 17 December 2013 Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) has welcomed the arrival of the newly established WorkSafe NZ – a key plank in workplace health and safety reforms. “As a responsible industry organisation, Rural Contractors NZ is keen to work alongside WorkSafe NZ to better ensure the safety of all our members and their staff,” says RCNZ chief executive Roger Parton. He says both employers and employees have…
Media Release 8 August 2013 Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) says it welcomes the government's newly announced workplace health and safety reforms. “Both employers and employees have an important part to play in improving safety in the workplace,” says RCNZ president Steve Levet. “Unfortunately, the attitude towards ensuring workplace safety is not universal in the agricultural scene and it can be a battle to get safety seen as a priority…
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