Welcome to the Registered Chemical Applicators Accreditation. 

Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) is the primary national organisation whose membership applies agrichemicals in a public place and/or for hire and reward.

RCNZ has introduced an alternative Chemical Applicator accreditation programme to meet the needs of both our members and the industry.

This is a personal accreditation held by the individual.

The application of agrichemicals has to be carried out in a competent and professional manner to ensure the enhancement of the crop and the safety of the operator, the environment and the public.

There are two levels of agrichemical applicator accreditation available through Rural Contractors New Zealand:

Basic Chemical Applicator

Registered Chemical Applicator


Rural Contractors New Zealand promotes to central and local government, as well as industry associations, the following policy:

Any person applying agrichemicals in a public place or on private property for hire and reward, shall either be:

The holder of a Registered Chemical Applicator accreditation or;

  The holder of a Basic Chemical Applicator (or equivalent) accreditation operating under the immediate and direct supervision of the holder of a Registered Chemical Applicator accreditation

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