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Why Become a Member of RCNZ?

Becoming a member of Rural Contractors New Zealand adds a lot of value and benefits to your contracting business. From deals and discounts with associate partners, to advice and a business listing on our website. Read on to find out more about the many benefits our members are able to enjoy.

Members Toolbox

All members receive a login to our website for exclusive content that updated regularly. This members toolbox lists a variety of information and details on membership deals. With your membership you’ll gain access to your very own Members Toolbox which is fully kitted out with all you need to run your business smoothly.

Employment Agreements and Policy Templates

Get access to employment agreement and workplace policy templates specifiically for rural contractors.

Member Benefits

Specialised member benefits from our preferred partnerships arrangements with Allied Fuel, Rothbury Insurance, Farmlands, Nufarm, and Bunnings.

NZX Indices

Access to NZX indices to help you track costs.

Health and Safety Guidance

Health and safety guidance includes access to a Keep Safe Keep Contracting guide.

Overseas Labour Guide

Access a complete guide to hiring workers from overseas.

Membership Benefits

All this for one of the lowest trade memberships subscription rates in New Zealand

Complimentary Consultation

Receive a 30 minute complimentary consultation on employment and legal matters.

Cost Workbooks

Access cost workbook templates built by contractors for contractors.

Directory Listing

Get your business listed on our website to advertise your services and contact information.

Transport Advice

Get transport advice and information on the best and safest way to travel.

Workplace Accreditation

Workplace accreditation guidance into hiring workers internationally from overseas.

Forage Code of Practice

Code of practice and guides to processing of forage to safeguard the buyer and the seller.

Assembly Representation

Representation on a diverse range of Ag chem and National assemblies.

Conference Access

Gain member only access to National Conferences and Roadshows.

Planning Consultation

Consultation and representation for district and regional planning that affects you.


Lobbying and advocacy across institutions like Growsafe, Worksafe, Federated Farmers and more industry health and safety groups.

Weekly Updates

Receive weekly updates from the CEO on issues that impact the industry.

Membership Fees

Premium Partners

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