Become Qualified

Rural Contractors New Zealand is committed to ensuring that its members provide the best service possible to their clients.

Quality Service

To ensure clients receive the best service available and those rural contractors who have achieved the various stages of accreditation are duly recognised.

International Requirements

To assist clients in meeting international requirements, which are now required for traceability and social sustainability.

The three accreditation areas along with applications, certificates and other information are shown below:

For those rural contractors who have achieved one or more of the accreditation levels; they may include in tenders for contracts an ‘Accreditation Certificate’. These can be downloaded from the Members’ Area of this website and MUST be accompanied by a printout for the “Find A Contractor” page – showing the member’s details.

Become Certified

Become a Registered Contractor

Registered Contractor is one that has undergone a significant independent audit to ensure that the contractor is meeting its statutory and regulatory responsibilities. This process is undertaken to reduce risk to clients and minimise their exposure to liability in employment, health and safety and other areas.

The audit process is undertaken every five years and – in the event of the firm changing ownership – the new owners are required to sign a declaration that all of the items confirmed in the original audit are still in place.

The process of becoming a Registered Contractor is not onerous – those contractors who are operating their business in a proper manner should have little difficulty complying.

Become a Qualified Contractor

Qualified Contractor is where an owner, manager or employee – in a supervisory capacity – of a contracting firm holds a NZQA, Level 3, National Certificate in one or more skills offered to clients.

The status is awarded solely on the achievement of the NZQA qualification and remains in place while the relevant employees are in the firm’s employment. This process requires annual certification.

Become a Registered Chemical Applicator

Firms with a Registered Chemical Applicator in an ownership, management or supervisory position will be offered this accreditation.

This is a personal accreditation held by the individual. The application of agrichemicals has to be carried out in a competent and professional manner to ensure the enhancement of the crop and the safety of the operator, the environment and the public.

Registered Chemical Applicator accreditation is managed by Growsafe. All applications for new or renewal of accreditations are to be made to Growsafe.

Rural Contractors will continue to provide Registered Chemical Applicator vehicle stickers and wallet cards to members on issue, renewal, or on request.