REGISTERED CONTRACTOR ACCREDITATION Benefits of Registered Contractor Accreditation 1. The benefits of accreditation flow from contractors applying best practice models and providing evidence to potential employers that the contracting firm is safe to do business with. 2. Accreditation as a Registered Contractor is required to access the Association’s Approval In Principle issued by Immigration New Zealand, to allow Agricultural Machinery Operators to enter and work in New Zealand. 3. The tangible benefits for those who engage “Registered Contractors” who have provided evidence of best practice work proposals include: a. Increased productivity, by having a workforce fully inducted, trained and motivated through reputable management practices, supervision and leadership b. It is simply good business practice c. Piece of mind, knowing that “Registered Contractors”: (1) have been vetted and approved via a reputable governing body, and (2) are committed to keeping abreast of change in business practices, not only Government requirements but also industry developments. d. Recognised/shared ownership and responsibility to all the above e. Strengthens positive image, credibility and branding to Industry as a whole, as well as regional reputations. f. Contributes to international expectations for standards and quality and the resulting ongoing viability of the industry. 4. “Registered Contractors” will also benefit as they have demonstrated compliance to a high standard and this can lead to: a. ACC discounts for Health & Safety compliance. b. Easier access to Resident Withholding Tax exemptions Procedure 5. On receipt of the application form and fee: a. The Chief Executive will issue the Registration documents to the applicant. b. The applicant will arrange at their own cost, a NZQA 4098 Workplace Assessor or some other suitably qualified person as approved by the Association to carry out the Assessment. c. The Chief Executive will issue the Assessment Forms direct to the Assessor. d. The Assessor conducts the assessment in the manner prescribed by the Association and on completion sends the completed original Assessment Form to the Chief Executive for issuing of the Certificate. Renewal 6. Registration will be valid for five years unless otherwise revoked. 7. Contactors will be able to renew their “Registered Contractors” in the same manner as a new application.